You are the brandPersonal branding: Every author is a brand no different than Coca Cola®, FedEx® or Apple®. A well-written book designed to maximize your personal brand–not to mention telling your own fascinating story–can be one of the most effective sales tools you’ll ever use.

Personal branding begins at birth when your parents give you your “brand” name. As you move through life, your choices, actions, decisions and achievements all become an indelible part of your brand. Your brand is one of your greatest assets; it is the promise of who you are, your personality and your business values. I can show you how to maximize it instead of squander it as many people do.

Communicating your brand clearly to others will inspire their confidence in you. Your unique brand will set you apart from your competition and give you an all-important competitive edge. Many people, like businesses, want to express their uniqueness and identity and most of us admire individuals that are bold enough to distinguish themselves from the common herd and live with authenticity. Yet, no matter how much we admire and desire that kind of independence, many of us have trouble achieving it for ourselves.

Instead of being unique, many of us act as if conformity is the goal. Being unique is the key to personal branding. Growing your personal brand can also grow your business and improve the lives of those who are important to you. But you can’t build a personal brand unless you are willing to take action. Writing a compelling book can provide a direct path to powerful personal branding.

Your book will also create a platform from which to promote and extend your brand through additional books and other branded products. Your book is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s the ultimate calling card for your brand.