Get Published

What does it take to get published? It helps to have guidance from a professional with a proven record of success. It’s an enormous benefit to work with a writer-mentor who has penned multiple bestsellers, who understands how to effectively promote a book and who understands how to overcome the challenges of sustaining a lifelong and profitable career in publishing. That level of expertise can be priceless to an aspiring author. Without such expert guidance when I first began my career, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Forever-FitMy early efforts at getting published met with a rocky reception — until I stumbled upon a very talented and caring mentor who helped me find my voice and taught me what it takes to be successful. Without such expert guidance, my books wouldn’t have landed atop the bestseller lists. If you’d like to avoid the same mistakes I made — the ones that almost certainly would have crushed my chance of getting a major book deal — put my my expert knowledge and 30,000 hours of success to work for you.

If you believe you have a compelling message to share with the world and want to get published, contact me with a pithy query that will grab my attention. If you’re not already a seasoned writer, I can ghostwrite your book. Ghostwriting is also ideally suited for those people who have a business to run and other pressing responsibilities.

When Cher asked me to co-write her fitness book, I was honored to do so. Having counseled her and traveled the world with her, we had already developed the kind of rapport required for such an important project. I’m looking forward to my next project. Perhaps it will be with you!