Mentor: Not An Agent or Publisher

A book mentor, unlike a literary agent or agency, helps authors navigate the treacherous waters of publishing and self publishing. I’m not a publisher, I’m not an agent. I am your partner in achieving your career goals as an author.

As a book mentor, I cowrite, ghostwrite, and advise you how to get your book published. I can help you develop your book concept, write your book, and offer branding, public relations, and marketing advice.

Committing your ideas, expertise, and life’s experiences to the page can be intimidating for fledgling authors. That’s why I devote a great deal of time getting to know you, understanding your project and your voice, and helping decide on the most effective concept, premise, and promise for your book.

Your book is part of the legacy you will leave to your family and to the world. Why would you settle for anything less than hiring a multiple NY Times bestselling author and ghostwriter with an outstanding record of success?

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