Promote Your Personal Brand

I have extensive experience in how to use brand messaging, promotion and publicity as the end game for your book, and I can assure you that you can reap extraordinary rewards by doing so. I pioneered this strategy of brand messaging and promotion of products through books and videos in the mid-1980s and The Wall Street Journal took note and published a story on my innovative, forward thinking approach. Today, a CEO would miss a wonderful opportunity if he/she failed to embrace my branding/promotion strategy.

The worlds of publishing, promotion, branding, publicity and sales can all be effectively enhanced through sales of your own book. I can help you execute this strategy through a variety of genres, including memoirs, how-to books and narrative nonfiction books. Assuming you have a compelling story to tell, I can advise you on how to integrate that story into a marketing and promotion strategy that can transform your personal/professional story into an extraordinarily successful sales campaign.

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