What’s Your Passion?

Book generes

What type of book do you want to write?

For non-fiction, you must write what you know. Perhaps it’s cooking and you’re the next Julia Childs, Ina Garten or Nigella Lawson. Maybe you’ll write about your experiences as a trial attorney, a cardiologist, professional athlete, chef or business executive. You’ve got a story to tell, but it’s your level of passion imbued in your book’s pages that will ultimately connect with and resonate with your readers. That’s the path to publishing success.

Possessing experience and expert knowledge in your profession or avocation is just the beginning. You must also feel passionate about what you do and about your message–the promise of your book. How are you going entertain your readers and improve their lives? Passion is the driving force that will allow you to effectively convey your book’s message in an honest, effective and believable way. Your own passion should leap off the page and infect readers. I can help you better convey your passion for your subject matter on the printed page. I’m really good at it because I’m a passionate about mentoring other writers.


If you’re passionate about your subject matter, it won’t matter what genre of book you write. Your passion will be infectious. It will allow you to write a potential bestselling how-to book, cookbook, true crime book, memoir, narrative nonfiction or business book. One of my roles will be to help you channel your passion into a focused, unique book concept with strong bestseller potential.


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