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Your book's unique selling proposition

Your Book’s Unique Selling Proposition

I want to hear about your book’s unique selling proposition. . .but before you contact me, please read the following: Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re an ex-law enforcement agent with years of experience and interesting stories to share with readers about your work. That by itself does not qualify as a strong concept unless […]

Concept, Concept, Concept!

Although I’m not a literary agent or agency, I can help you define and craft a book concept that will make or break your book’s potential to interest an agent and launch your literary career. In today’s highly competitive market, your book concept has to be stellar, meaning, it must be compelling and solve a […]

Your Book Platform

If you’re considering writing a book and are not a celebrity or a public figure, you might consider self-publishing instead of trying to land a contract with a major NY publishing house. Generally, publishers will only consider pitches from well-known personalities or from those with significant platforms. What types of people have significant platforms? Here […]

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Do You Have A Bestseller In You?

At the beginning of my career as an author, I stumbled upon a talented and caring mentor who helped me find my voice and taught me how to become successful. Without such expert guidance, I most likely would have never seen my books top the bestseller lists. Here’s you opportunity to put my my expert […]

Promote Your Personal Brand

I have extensive experience in how to use brand messaging, promotion and publicity as the end game for your book, and I can assure you that you can reap extraordinary rewards by doing so. I pioneered this strategy of brand messaging and promotion of products through books and videos in the mid-1980s and The Wall […]

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What’s Your Passion?

What type of book do you want to write? For non-fiction, you must write what you know. Perhaps it’s cooking and you’re the next Julia Childs, Ina Garten or Nigella Lawson. Maybe you’ll write about your experiences as a trial attorney, a cardiologist, professional athlete, chef or business executive. You’ve got a story to tell, […]

Brain Health Book A Smart Read

I just obtained a copy of Four Weeks To A Better Brain and the free accompanying recipe book, Save Your Brain Cookbook, and was impressed by the scope of research that went into this book. The books are available directly from the author’s website. Prescription drugs approved to treat Alzheimer’s disease are at best marginally […]

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Your Book’s Promise

Your book’s promise will determine the probability of enjoying a successful book sale. Great book concepts are the coin of the realm in the New York publishing world. You may be surprised to learn that you can turn the right book promise into a potential bestseller if you work with the right mentor, which could […]